How You Can Help

1. Golf Programs that benefit all age groups.

2. Links Across America

This area focuses on developing “feeder short golf courses” (three, six or nine hole) across the country that provide affordable golf for youth, families, adult beginners and individuals with injuries and disabilities from all ethnic backgrounds.

To make these Links short courses a reality the Wadsworth Foundation partners with communities, park districts, forest preserve districts, YMCA’s, First Tee Chapters, existing courses that have land, school districts or hospitals that have the means to secure or donate the land for the short courses for the betterment of individuals, communities and expanding the game of golf.

3. Handicapped and Therapeutic Programs

4. The First Tee Programs

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The Wadsworth Foundation’s new initiative:  Links Across America and its team of Company Partners from the Golf Industry that are committed to developing “feeder short golf courses” across the country that will provide affordable golf.

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