The First Two Short Course Projects

Through grants and contributions, the Wadsworth Golf Charities Foundation makes golf and the character-building attributes of the game more accessible by providing multi-purpose prairie style areas that incorporate golf and open land in which to recreate.

The Foundation’s first two special partnerships in short course development were…

The four hole golf course and practice area at Lockport Township High School-Lockport, Illinois.

“Working with the Wadsworth Golf Construction Company and Wadsworth Foundation has provided the high school with an additional sports facility, but more importantly, has enriched the community with a multi-purpose, prairie style golf and recreational area.”
-Steve Cardamone, Director of the LTHS Foundation

The three hole golf course and driving range at Akron General Edwin Shaw Rehab Hospital- Akron, Ohio.

The concept of the Challenge Golf Program originated with the recreational therapists at Akron General Edwin Shaw Rehab Hospital, who discovered that golf offered numerous therapeutic benefits to persons recovering from strokes, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, amputations and neuromuscular disorders.  Since its inception, the program has expanded to include adults and children with visual impairments, persons with developmental challenges and many others. It is designed to assist individuals interested in learning the game of golf for the first time or for experienced golfers in need of adaptive assistance.

From the Director
:  Golf has proven to be a wonderful way for people with disabilities to refocus on their abilities and to redirect their thoughts to positive aspects of life.  Being able to play golf again has helped individuals to re-establish their family life, increase their socialization, improve their self-esteem and increase their desire to live life to its fullest.
-Ron Tristano, Director: Challenge Golf Program

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